Alex ExcelArt, digital artist and digital art theorist. The field of creative interests includes, first of all, the problems associated with the transition of Humanity to the era of total simulation, the abandonment of Being and moving to the Virtual. The author’s works touch upon such topics as: the loss of Humanity and its human appearance by Mankind, the substitution of reality with simulation, the destruction of the Personality and its substitution by many digital twins, the loss of meaning and other problems of the digital era.

Basic works in this direction are:
1. Blank File a conceptual project created to force society to reconsider its attitude to the value of virtual signs in modern culture.
2. Phonegenital a small series of critical works devoted to the smartphone as a key object of the transition of the Personality to the Virtual.
3. Gadgefication the very first series of works reflecting the change in the appearance of a Human, the “cyborgization” of his body as a result of a total enthusiasm for modern gadgets.

Alex is the author of his own unique method for creating 3D images using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor. Partial, and in some works even complete, rejection of the usual graphic design programs and specialized 3D software allows him to focus more on the content of the work and enrich them with additional context. The ExcelArt Manifest has been written about the connection of this unique method with the ideas of Human’s transition to Virtuality.

A demonstration of the ExcelArt method can be seen on the page with a video about the process of creating works.
A comparative overview of the ExcelArt method with classic 3D is shown in the video 3D battle. Cinema 4D VS MS Excel.

Alex is the only digital artist in the world who works by this method. He periodically writes articles on this topic, gives interviews and speaks at conferences on computer graphics and design. You can read the latest interview for London-based IT company Marvel App here.

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