It’s a surprise, but the era of digital technologies «presented» contemporary designers and illustrators not so many tools to work with. In addition, despite the fact, the opportunities are extremely broad they still have their limits. There is no secret we all work in the same «photoshops», «illustrators» and «3D MAXes». It’s not bad as these programs are really great. However, the same tools provide similar methods of working with them and, consequently, similar results. You have the feeling that each fresh work of a new author looks like previous ideas of previous masters. The situation becomes more complicated because of informational globalization: we all watch other people’s work and, one way or another, adopt best methods and techniques from each other. Of course, that’s how progress goes on, but monotony is the down side of it.

I believe an Illustrator or designer who truly loves his job is simply obliged to be constantly in search of new instruments, styles and techniques. Without that, his professional evolution is impossible. Without that, the progress in the world of design would also be unreal.

I would like to introduce you a new unique method that I created recently. I call it the ExcelArt.

The main feature of ExcelArt is the drawing process is made in MS Excel that is not typical even for digital illustrators. Yes, you heard right, it is there. Sound approach, ingenuity and a drop of imagination in combination allow us to work wonders in this program! What wonders? ExcelArt allows creating isometric images easily without using special 3Ds. Moreover, the built-in Excel features are sufficient to create full illustrations with no require of further finishing in professional software like Photoshop. This method is simple, convenient and provides quick and quality results.

I am sure ExcelArt is a fresh trend in digital illustration, an interesting method of work as well as an original visual experience.

In order to dispel all doubts about the uniqueness and quality of ExcelArt, I invite you to be acquainted with my works made in this technique. If you are interested in the process of creating the illustrations, you can see it in my YouTube channel.

20 september 2015