A smartphone is a product of the dark might. Modern screens are difficult to look at during the day. They lack brightness. As true creatures of the night, they only acquire their maximum strength in darkness. We are like moths limply reaching for the light of a burning lamp, attracted to the scintillation of our gadgets. They consume all our attention, they suck out all our interest. It is noteworthy that the main color of the smartphone cases is black, because real black magic takes place inside them.

Glittering glass screens are like portals for us. They hypnotize us with the multicolored flickering of bright pixels. A smartphone opens the gates to another world and forces you to transfer your consciousness there. The smartphone takes us from the world of the living to the world of digital entities, simulation and virtuality.

If you look at a black screen for a long time, it will definitely recognize you, unlock and take you to where only an account and a small avatar 100×100 pixels are left from you.

That’s what this picture is about. It is about the rapid leap of Human from this world into the Virtuality, the abandonment of Being and the oblivion of life.