I am challenging the Digital Age. Technological progress is not an unambiguous boon. We are on the verge of transition of Humanity to the era of total Simulation. A Human leaves Being, dissolves into virtual reality and disintegrates into a binary code. A posthuman era is coming, in which there will no longer be a place for such Humanity as we know it now. A future without people. This era fascinates us with the flickering of bright pixels and we, like hypnotized, unconsciously rush into it. But I propose to slow down and start a dialogue about the problems and dangers that the digital future holds for us.

This is why I create my works in a spreadsheet, formula and numbers editor. I am going against the set method of the Simulation. I am pulling an image out of numbers. Bright volumetric images from the medium of monotone columns and gray grids. I release the Human from the digital environment, returning him to reality. I will decode the World back. I am bringing us back to reality to start a critical dialogue about the future of humans in the Digital Age. Society needs this dialogue right now, precisely because tomorrow, when Virtuality completely engulfs us, it will be too late.

Alex ExcelArt