Social media has lowered the threshold for gaining visibility. Now every schoolchild can become a star and get their moment of fame. And we all got involved in it. Everywhere you look: bloggers, streamers, influencers. It is no longer enough for people to be just a professional. You can’t just work. Even if you are a professional in your field, you should still be active on social media. Subscribers, likes, streams. A human now faces an animal choice: either to become a magical unicorn and to shit a rainbow for everyone’s amusement, or to be a workhorse and die working on a mortgage.

But the most important magic in the fact that we are already quite unique by nature. Our talents and dreams do not need social approval. Someone from childhood dances well, sings or bakes pancakes. And we already have it. We don’t need followers to do this and enjoy it.

However, over time, we grow up and face typical everyday problems: work, loans, housing difficulties. And at some point, all this also comes with an understanding that not everyone is destined to become a blogger. And what do we do in such a situation? We ourselves begin to strangle the unicorn in ourselves. We stop singing, dancing, baking pancakes, dreaming, being creative. Thus, we kill in ourselves that childhood dream, uniqueness, brightness that was in us. Although the implementation of all this did not require any social media at all.

The unicorn in us is not killed by social media, but by ourselves. That’s what this picture is about. Look at him. He strangled himself. Nobody shot at him. We kill our unicorn because we look more at others, and not inside ourselves.

Loss of the inner unicorn