ad overdose

The fatal task of advertising is to create scarcity. Make a person feel a deficiency, inferiority due to the lack of something.

In fact, modern human is not just full, but he is overflowing. He has absolutely everything that is need for life, but more than that, he has surpluses, leftovers. Yet despite this, advertising is still trying to do its job. It stubbornly tries to disassemble a person, pull out a piece from him, point out the resulting void and offer an object with which to fill it. Advertising is inherently destructive. It tries to violate the integrity of a person, to deconstruct him.

Remember this “Be the best version of yourself”. What the fuck version of myself?! Am I an app on the phone and therefore updated with versions? And death is moving to the recycle bin? And coffin Is just a craft case? A person does not die at all, he simply ends his subscription to Life. And no one knows how to extend it, because the demons in hell do not accept a visa and a master card.

Advertising today faces a huge challenge. Everyone just doesn’t give a shit about that. A person is so overload with information flow that he tries to ignore any meanings, messages and advertising as much as possible. The only thing we are passionate about is the consumption of entertainment content. Therefore, advertising has to be embedded in it. There is more and more product placement, native and hidden advertising. However, this is not enough either. In the long term, ads will completely merge with content. Any content will become advertising in nature. All places will be sold out in advance.

There will come an era of permanent consumption of content, endlessly entertaining and tearing us apart. Destructive advertising content.

This is what this artwork is about. Tired person. His head is filled with advertising material, so much so that he is already vomiting with it. He is trying to see at least something around him through virtual reality glasses with another advertising message.